Sweet Tee's Coffee Shop

Freshly roasted coffee


It’s difficult to know when the dream was first stirred. Though it without a doubt came from the heart.

I’ve had several rounds of cultivating the dream. Fun conversations with family and friends about what it would look like to have a place like Sweet Tee’s. The experience we would want for each person who came in the door. An experience that teases every sense - smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing. And maybe...a sixth sense - not of seeing dead people as in the popular movie, but quite the opposite - a sense of being in the presence of Life. A place to Connect. A place to Relax. A Place to Dream.

In thinking of where people may seek connection, a church setting often comes to mind. It seems like a popular practice today is to offer coffee in the lobby and allow parishioners to bring their drink into the sanctuary to drink while congregating. Our dream is not so different. What if we created a space that served coffee, where others...anyone...could find sanctuary....

That could be a tall order for a small shop...good thing we have big dreams!





2063 E Sante Fe St
Olathe, KS 66062


M-W 6a–9.30p
Th-f 6a–6p
Sa     8a–5p
Su     Closed


New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Christmas Day