Dream Big

It's a favorite mantra of mine. Dream. Dream on. Follow your dreams. Live your dreams. Dream the possibilities. Dream Adventure!

When I think of "dream" I think of listening to my core. My heart. My spirit. Listen. Listen to the yearning. Listen to the whispers. The whispers that call from the other side of the wall. A wall of doubt. Or of uncertainty. The wall of fear. That's the wall that keeps me stuck. The wall of fear that keeps my dreams contained. Controlled. Reeled in. Safe.  It's also the wall that keeps me from paths I could explore. Talents I could enhance. Adventures I could pursue.

I suppose it comes down to a choice. Let the wall of fear stand to dampen or discard the dreams. Or turn the volume up until the whispers become a persuasive arena chant and breakthrough the wall! On the other side is possibilities! Growth! Inspiration!